Will My Cruise Ship Injury Case Go to Trial?

We receive dozens of calls and emails from injured cruise ship passengers every week. Some of those injuries are relatively minor and some unfortunately are life-altering.

One of the common questions our clients sometimes ask is, “will my case go to trial?”

The answer is, most likely it will not. Unlike what you see in the movies or on television, most claims or cases against the cruise line are settled “out of court” as they say. You and your attorney would work through the legal process and finalize the case before stepping foot in a court room.

That means that the cruise line – and you (and your attorney) – will reach some sort of agreement about the claim. That agreement might be some level of monetary compensation for your injury. Generally, settling  a case is beneficial to both parties as the case is not extended for ongoing months, nor are their extra costs involved (attorney fees, court costs, travel costs, etc.).

This is one of many questions our clients have. You may have similar questions if you were hurt on a cruise ship and are thinking about taking a legal action.

Considering filing a claim against a cruise line? This is how we can help:

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  • We understand all the details of your accident or injury
  • We offer legal advice and establish a plan of action
  • You decide to hire us to work on your behalf against the big cruise lines
  • We fight for compensation of your injuries

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