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The attorneys at Waks and Barnett, P.A. represent passengers and crewmembers who were hurt in accidents on cruise ships and cruise ship excursions. If you’ve suffered an injury, it is important for you to know that the laws under which injured parties can file injury claims and lawsuits after an accident are different than if the accident occurred on land.

Under maritime law, a victim will have to prove that the cruise line’s negligence led to their injuries. Victims will also have to adhere to legal provisions they agreed to when signing their Ticket Contract prior to sailing. These provisions will dictate how, when and where injury claims may be filed. Successfully navigating the process of suing a cruise line requires an experience cruise ship accident lawyer.

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Filing Injury Claims After Cruise Ship Accidents

slip and fall injury on cruise ship

Slip, Trip & Fall Injuries

Injuries related to slip and fall accidents are the most common and happen every day on cruises.

medical negligence on cruise ships

Medical Negligence

Doctors and medical staff on cruise ship can make critical mistakes and can be held accountable.

sue cruise line for excursion accident

Excursion Accidents

The cruise lines can be found liable for injuries that happen while passengers are enjoying excursions.

cruise tender accident lawyer

Tender Boat Accidents

Leaving the cruise ship? Getting on and off unsteady shuttle boats can lead to severe injuries.

lawyer for sex abuse on cruise ship

Sexual Assault & Rape

The cruise industry's dirty secret – sexual abuse on cruises is more common than people know.

crewmember lawsuits against cruise line

Crewmember Accidents

We also represent cruise ship crewmembers who have been injured while working.

Injuries We See

Getting Severely Hurt on a Cruise is Common

You may not think of the possibility of having an accident while on a cruise ship, but it happens every day. Severe injuries may require advanced medical care both on board the ship and after you arrive home from your vacation.

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Our cruise injury law firm has managed thousands of cases. We can quickly help you determine if you have a valid and set you on the right course for successfully recovering money for medical bills, lost wages and for the pain and suffering you’ve experienced.

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Our Cruise Accident Lawyers are Determined to Get You The Compensation You Deserve for Your Injury

The following are just a few results from the thousands of cases our cruise ship injury law firm has worked on over the last 35 years.

Over $100MM REcovered for Our Clients

Successful Case Results

Our lawyers are absolutely determined to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Over the past 35 years, we’ve achieved numerous, positive settlements and verdicts for the benefit our clients against Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Disney and many other cruise lines.


Medical Negligence Claim – Norwegian Cruise Line


Head Injury – Stairway Accident on Cruise Ship to Teen Boy


Severe Injuries – Stair Railing Accident on Cruise Ship


Herniated Disk – Result of Serious Fall on a Cruise Ship

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Are the cruise lines financially responsible for their accidents?

Out attorneys can help you determine what happened, who was responsible and what legal actions can be taken so you can recover money to help with your injuries.

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