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Cruise Ship Injury Settlement Lawyers

If you’ve been hurt while traveling on a cruise ship or as part of a cruise ship excursion, you will likely need the help of an experienced cruise ship injury law firm. The cruise lines don’t make the injury claim process easy, and without an attorney you may not receive the cruise injury settlement money you deserve if the cruise line was responsible for your injuries.

Gaining a successful result and recovering the appropriate compensation for your injuries requires the help of skilled attorneys. It’s our job to represent you against the big cruise lines while you focus on getting better. We want to hear about your accident. Don’t hesitate – please call us today for a free case review.


Understanding cruise Ship Injury Settlements

cruise ship injury settlements after lawsuit If you were hurt in a cruise ship accident and are considering filing an injury claim, you may also be interested to know about cruise ship injury settlements and what happens after you file a lawsuit. The injury settlement is the amount of money the cruise ship company will pay you if it can be proven that your injuries were directly caused by the negligence of the cruise line, it’s employees or potentially a third party associate with the cruise line.


An experienced cruise ship injury lawyer can represent you during the claims process. After an initial injury claim and demand letter are made, which outlines your injuries and your reasons for wanting compensation, you may receive a settlement offer from the cruise line. The claims process could take some time – weeks or months even – as both parties collect information related to the case.


Most likely, a settlement will be offered by the cruise line rather than going to court. Again, an experienced attorney will help you navigate the settlement negotiation and advise you on your chances of success in the courtroom for a injury verdict if a settlement offer is not desirable to you. Cruise ship injury settlement amounts can range from just a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars depending on the severity of your injuries and the factors involved with your case.

Successful Case Results

Over $100 Million Recovered for Our Clients

Our lawyers are absolutely determined to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Over the past 35 years, we’ve achieved numerous, positive settlements and verdicts after cruise ship accidents for the benefit our clients.


Medical Negligence Claim – Norwegian Cruise Line


Head Injury – Stairway Accident on Cruise Ship to Teen Boy


Severe Injuries – Stair Railing Accident on Cruise Ship


Herniated Disk – Result of Serious Fall on a Cruise Ship

aggressive representation for each and every client

Our Lawyers are Determined to Get You The Compensation You Deserve for Your Injury

The following are just a few results from the thousands of cases our cruise ship injury law firm has worked on over the last 35 years.

Head Injury Settlement
On A Cruise Ship

$5,500,000 for 14 year old boy who suffered a head injury in a fall on a stairway.

Injured during fall
On A Cruise Ship

$2.4 Million for two passengers seriously injured in separate accidents when they fell over a stair railing.

Herniated Disk Settlement
On a cruise ship

$1.2 Million recovery for hair stylist on cruise ship who suffered a herniated disc from fall on negligently 
maintained stairway.

Heart Muscle Damage
After Heart Attack

A federal jury awarded more than $2,000,000 in damages to a 47 year old passenger when Norwegian Cruise Line medical staff failed to properly treat him after a heart attack.

Settlement for Below
Knee Amputation

$550,000 for 51 year old diabetic man who had below knee amputation as the result of the alleged negligent medical care he received onboard the ship.

Negligence Leads
To Brain Damage

$450,000 for 54 year old man who suffered mild brain damage from the alleged negligence of a ship’s doctor in diagnosing and treating a stroke.

Broken Ankle
Cruise Ship Bathroom

$410,000 for 43 year old man who broke his ankle from slip and fall on wet bathroom floor.

Stairway Injury
On A Cruise Ship

$950,000 for 11 year old who suffered a mild head injury in a fall on a stairway.

Settlement Broken Ankle
On wet stairs

$225,000 for 58 year old woman who fractured her ankle from fall on wet stairs.

Torn Ligaments
From Wet Deck Fall

$212,500 for 39 year old woman who tore ligaments in her knee from fall on wet deck.

Broken Ankle Settlement
Fall on Wet Deck

Cruise lawsuit settlement of $210,000 for 47 year old man who broke his ankle from fall on wet deck.

Broken Wrist
On wet deck

$192,500 for 74 year old woman who broke her wrist from slip and fall on wet deck.

Average Settlement Amounts from Cruise Ship Injury Lawsuits

lawyer for getting big settlement money after cruise ship accident happened There is no “average settlement for cruise ship injuries.” It’s important to understand that all cruise related accidents, injuries and medical negligence cases differ. Each case is unique and because of this, there is no industry standard for settlements. The circumstances of your individual case will determine what your settlement will be.


For example, a teenage cruise ship passenger who stumbles, falls and breaks their arm in the cruise ship’s pool area may incur a variety of medical bills, but overall, this could be a minor injury. A 50 year old man who suffered the exact same injury may require a different set of medical procedures, a longer healing time, missed work opportunities and more.


Even what seems like a simple broken arm can results in a complicated set of details which impact your injury settlement. Your attorney will help you understand what’s involved in your case, often on the first phone call with the attorney. *These scenarios assume the cruise line was negligent in its actions or policies and that negligence was directly relate to your injuries.

how did the accident happen?

Was it a Simple Accident or Negligence?

Many accidents are simply ‘just accidents’ while other accidents are due to the negligence of the cruise line, its employees or even other entities associated with and promoted by the cruise line (like onboard medical personnel or excursion operators).

If you feel your injury was not your fault and are seeking a settlement to pay for medical bills or last wages, we invite you to call us today at 1-305-271-8282 for a free consultation.

Broken Ankle
From Wet Deck Fall

Settlement of $185,000 for 56 year old man who broke his ankle in slip and fall on wet deck.

Wet Stairs Leads
to Broken Ankle

$185,000 for 55 year old woman who broke her ankle from slip & fall on wet stairs.

Slippery Deck Leads
to Broken leg

$185,000 for 58 year old woman who broke her leg from slip and fall on wet deck.

Shoulder Injury
On Cruise Ship

$175,000 for 72 year old woman who injured her shoulder from slip and fall on wet deck.

Wet Stairs Leads
to Broken Wrist

$150,000 cruise ship settlement for 61 year old woman who broke her wrist from slip and fall on wet deck.

Threshold Accident
Bimini Superfast

$235,000 verdict on behalf of a 61 year old woman who tripped and fell over a threshold on the Bimini Superfast and broke her arm.

Negligence Leads
To Heart Failure

$300,000 for widow of 60 year old man who died at sea of heart failure for alleged negligence of ship’s doctor.

Broken Hip
On Cruise Vacation

$325,000 cruise ship settlement for 74 year old woman who broke her hip from trip on drain cover.

Exposed Wires
Lead to Fall

$260,000 for 73 year old woman who suffered soft tissue injuries and head injury from trip over electrical wire.

Fall on Staircase
Results in Hip Injury

Cruise lawsuit settlement for $150,000 for 70 year old woman who broke her hip from trip over base of stair.

Hallway Clutter
Leads to Broken Arm

$125,000 for 65 year old woman who broke her arm from trip over food tray in hallway.

Fight between captain
and crewmember

$435,000 policy limits for 62 year old boat captain who was injured in fight with deck hand.

determining responsibility is our job

Are the cruise lines financially responsible for your injuries?

When passengers slip or trip on a cruise ship, the related fall can potentially result in injuries with severe consequences. Some of those injuries may only result in short term medical care. Other injuries may have long term or life altering consequences. It’s our job to help you understand what your rights are as an injured passenger and how you should proceed with filing an injury claim against the cruise line if there are sufficient reasons for a lawsuit. Injured passengers have the right to get the money they deserve if their health and quality of life is impacted by an accident that could have been avoided.
Lifeboat Drill Injury
For Multiple Crewmembers

$2 Million+ recovery by settlement and verdict for multiple crewmembers, from many countries, injured in 
lifeboat drill on cruise ship.

Cruise Injury Settlement
Unnecessary Surgery

$2 Million for crewmember who underwent unnecessary abdominal surgery without general anesthesia, resulting in permanent intestinal damage.

Crewmember Assault
On cruise ship

$900,000+ settlement for crewmember seriously injured as result of an assault by a fellow crewmember.

Near Drowning
Cruise Ship Excursion

$175,000 for 72 year old woman who injured her shoulder from slip and fall on wet deck.

Neck Injury
Cruise Massage

$800,000 for 36 year old man who suffered neck injury from negligently administered massage.

Pool Slide
back injury

$375,000 for 49 year old man who suffered a back injury on a pool slide when struck from behind by another passenger.

shoulder injury leads
To blood clot

$650,000 for widower of 64 year old woman who fractured her shoulder from fall into tender and later died after returning home from blood clot.

injury from
medical negligence

$20 Million in expected annuity payments for an infant child rendered paraplegic by a negligently performed medical procedure.

carbon monoxide poisioning
on cargo ship

$1.8 Million settlement after favorable liability verdict for family of police officer who died several years 
after exposure to carbon monoxide during cargo ship rescue effort.

Our Cruise Injury Settlement Attorneys

At Waks and Barnett, P.A., we make it a point to devote our full attention and resources to each of our clients. That begins with the first phone call and carries through until your case is resolved. This is the approach we’ve taken for over 35 years and across thousands of personal injury cases.

Our clients, who are often the victims of terrible accidents or utter negligence by the cruise lines, benefit from our dedication to their cases and the compassion and understanding we provide to them.


With our meticulous approach to casework and extensive experience dealing with personal injury claims – especially as it relates to maritime and cruise injury law – we can help you resolve your case in the most effective manner possible.

Vehicle accident

$3.2 Million guaranteed annuity payout for 11-year old boy rendered a paraplegic in an off road all-terrain vehicle accident in rural Virginia.

Emergency Room
Medical Negligence

$1 Million policy limits for family of 40-year-old man who died as a result of the failure of an emergency room physician to recognize that he was having a heart attack.

Leg Amputation
in the workplace

$2,5000,00 settlement for 57 year old Grand Turk laborer who had his leg amputated in a workplace
 accident in Grand Turk.

struck by car

$1,235,000 policy limits for widower of woman who died after being struck by a car.

Leg Injury
from car accident

$600,000 for leg injuries suffered by passenger in a car whose driver fell asleep and left the road.

Leg injury &
premisis liability

$560,000 for teenage boy who suffered severe leg injury when improperly stacked hurricane shutters fell 
on him.

leg injury
motorcycle accident

$300,000 settlement following favorable liability verdict for leg injuries suffered by county pool worker in a
 motorcycle accident.

pinky finger injury
on young girl

$220,000 for 16 year old girl who lost tip of pinky finger while climbing windscreen on hotel pool deck.

neck injury inside
pet food store

$200,000 for 52 year old man who suffered neck injury from slip and fall on dog food in pet store.

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