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Sue Royal Caribbean For Injury on Cruise

It’s unfortunate, but accidents and injuries happen every day on Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships. Our office receives calls and emails on a weekly basis from passengers who have been seriously hurt on their Royal Caribbean cruise vacation and need to speak with an experienced attorney about their legal options.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury while sailing with Royal Caribbean and believe that your injury was sustained due to the negligence of the crew, the cruise line or even a fellow passenger, you may have a potential claim and can sue the Royal Caribbean Corporation. Get your free case review today.

Is Royal Caribbean liable for Your Injuries?

We Can Help You Sue Royal Caribbean and Get Compensation For:

Hospital and doctor bills
Lost pay and wages
Pain and suffering
Loss of future earnings
Long-term or lifelong disability

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Let Our Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers Help You

Many passengers don’t even realize that the cruise line might be liable for injuries sustained while on the cruise. You may also not know that by filing a claim (assuming it can be proven the cruise line or its employees were negligent in their actions or policies) you may be able to get a settlement or verdict against Royal Caribbean Cruise Line that will help pay for medical bills, missed time at work and other compensatory and punitive damages.

If you believe you have a claim against Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines – or even if you’re unsure about your options – you should speak with an attorney.

Quite frankly, most people don’t know what to do if they’ve been involved in an accident. At first, most people focus their attention on getting proper medical treatment and going through rehab and recovery for their injuries. And you should.

It’s generally only when the medical bills start to pile up that passengers think about filing an injury claim or begin to seek the help of an attorney. This is when it’s time to contact a lawyer. We can help you file a claim (or take over if you’ve been frustrated with the process of filing an injury claim against Royal Caribbean yourself).

Most accident victims are confused about what their rights are – and how to pursue legal action against the cruise line. Was it a simple accident or was the cruise line at fault? What were the circumstances of the accident? Our attorneys can help you determine who was at fault, if the cruise line or its employees were negligent in their actions and if that negligence led to your injuries.

Our attorneys can also provide answers to common questions including do I have a case, do I really need a lawyer, how much will it cost to file a lawsuit and what is my case worth? Call Waks and Barnett, P.A. at 1-305-271-8282 for a free consultation. We can help with the frustration and confusion you and your family may be experiencing.


Most Common Royal Caribbean Injuries

slip and fall injury on cruise ship

Slip, Trip & Fall Injuries

Injuries related to slip and fall accidents are the most common and happen every day on cruises.

medical negligence on cruise ships

Medical Negligence

Doctors and medical staff on cruise ship can make critical mistakes and can be held accountable.

sue cruise line for excursion accident

Excursion Accidents

The cruise lines can be found liable for injuries that happen while passengers are enjoying excursions.

cruise tender accident lawyer

Tender Boat Accidents

Leaving the cruise ship? Getting on and off unsteady shuttle boats can lead to severe injuries.

lawyer for sex abuse on cruise ship

Sexual Assault & Rape

The cruise industry's dirty secret – sexual abuse on cruises is more common than people know.

crewmember lawsuits against cruise line

Crewmember Accidents

We also represent cruise ship crewmembers who have been injured while working.

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Hurt? The cruise lines are not your friend

You Won't Have Long to File an Injury Claim

If your goal is to file an injury claim against Royal Caribbean Cruises, you must read and abide by the terms and conditions laid out in their Ticket Contract – and act quickly. You’ll have:

Just 6 months to file a claim
12 months to file a lawsuit
Must be filed in Miami, Florida

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What Can You Expect From Our Cruise Ship Attorneys?

If you’ve been injured on a Royal Caribbean Cruise vacation — or any other cruise, you want someone to fight for you against the cruise line attorneys, the insurance companies and other parties.

That is what we do for you – that is what you can expect from our firm and our attorneys. And while we can not guarantee results in the courtroom – no attorney can – we do guarantee that we will work diligently to achieve the best possible result for you.

We will thoroughly review your potential case, investigate the facts surrounding your accident and create a plan of action for pursuing compensation for your injuries.

If you choose to have us represent you, we’ll send a retainer package. From there, we’ll represent you and work toward resolution, either through a settlement with the cruise line or through a decision made by the court.

Remember, there is no fee charged to you for our services. We work on a ‘contingency fee‘ basis which means there is no charge for our services unless you receive compensation from the cruise line.

Our clients need help! It’s why they turn to us investigate their injury claims and file lawsuits on their behalf against the cruise lines for slip and fall accidents, swimming pool accidents, cases of medical negligence, rape and sexual assault and crew member injury claims.

If you or your family have questions about a cruise injury, accident or medical issue, please call us at this number, 1-305-271-8282.

Decades of Experience

Andrew Waks and Joel Barnett have over 70 years of combined maritime law and cruise ship injury claim experience, bringing proven success to each and every lawsuit we manage.

Complete Representation

From the first phone call until the case is complete, you can expect our lawyers and support staff will be working hard to get you the financial compensation you deserve.

Proven Success for Clients

We know that hurt passengers want to hire cruise ship injury lawyers who win. For more than 35 years, we’ve fought hard, recovering over $100 million dollars on behalf our clients.

File an Injury Claim Against Royal Caribbean Cruises

Working with Royal Caribbean to file an injury claim can be a complicated and frustrating process, especially when you try to do it alone. The best results generally come when an injured passenger hires a lawyer to help with their case. Because we’ve been handling cruise injury cases for so long, we know exactly which steps to take in order to properly and efficiently handle your claim. Our deep understanding of the law, the courts and the cruise lines means better results for you. We will thoroughly review your potential case, investigate the facts surrounding your accident and create a plan of action for pursuing the appropriate compensation for your injuries.

Our Experience Benefits You

Cruise injury law is a specialty within maritime and admiralty law – and is an area of the law that most attorneys are not familiar with. Our attorneys have over 70+ years of combined experience successfully representing hundreds of injured Royal Caribbean cruise ship passengers from around the world.

We know:

The Miami and Florida court systems
The litigation tactics of the cruise lines
The special requirements and limitations of maritime law
How to deal with insurance companies

Help for Royal Caribbean Accident Victims on All Ships

In over 35 years of representing injured Royal Caribbean passengers, we’ve seen accidents and injuries occur on just about every ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet. The average boat carries thousands of passengers and crewmembers on each voyage – and personal injury due to negligence, medical mistakes, sexual assaults and passenger deaths are more common than most passengers would believe. Regardless of which boat you sailed on and which port it sailed from or returned to in the United States or around the world, our attorneys can help.
  • Mariner Of The Seas Accidents
  • Ovation Of The Seas Accidents
  • Independence Of The Seas Accidents
  • Liberty Of The Seas Accidents
  • Anthem Of The Seas Accidents
  • Freedom Of The Seas Accidents
  • Adventure Of The Seas Accidents
  • Rhapsody Of The Seas Accidents
  • Grandeur Of The Seas Accidents
  • Vision Of The Seas Accidents
  • Navigator Of The Seas Accidents
  • Brilliance Of The Seas Accidents
  • Majesty Of The Seas Accidents
  • Empress Of The Seas Accidents
  • Radiance Of The Seas Accidents
  • Enchantment Of The Seas Accidents
  • Serenade Of The Seas Accidents
  • Jewel Of The Seas Accidents
  • Voyager Of The Seas Accidents
  • Quantum Of The Seas Accidents
  • Spectrum Of The Seas Accidents
  • Wonder Of The Seas Accidents
  • Odyssey Of The Seas Accidents
  • Symphony Of The Seas Accidents
  • Harmony Of The Seas Accidents
  • Oasis Of The Seas Accidents
  • Allure Of The Seas Accidents

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