3 Things to Expect from Your Cruise Ship Personal Injury Lawyer on Your First Call

If you were hurt or injured in a cruise ship accident, one of the actions you’ll probably take first is to contact a personal injury lawyer who is experienced in representing passengers against the cruise lines. attorney-cruise-ship-lawsuit-miami

(**note: many of our clients try to deal directly with the cruise lines after an injury and find that the process is frustrating and that the cruise line will make it difficult to seek a positive resolution – that’s why they call a law firm like ours).

When you start contacting lawyers to talk about your case, you’ll begin to notice a few how they work. Here are 3 things to expect when talking about your case to a lawyer.

1) Most attorneys truly can empathize with you.

They’ve seen dozens if not hundreds of cases – or more. For example, our firm has been representing injured passengers for over 25 years. The claims we’ve seen and the people we’ve met have given us a tremendous understanding of the pain, suffering and frustration that most passengers feel. It’s one of the reasons we work so hard for our clients.

2) Lawyers will want to understand all of the facts and details surrounding your injury.

Within 30 minutes or so, most attorneys will be able to understand whether your potential claim is viable or not viable. The question is, “do you really have a case?”

For example, if you were hurt while running around the pool area after drinking too many “alcoholic boat drinks”, you might not have a case (or you might). If you fell down a flight of stairs because a handrail was broken, your more likely to have a basis for a claim (though not always). Lawyers will want to determine if the cruise line was “negligent in its actions” and if so, did that negligence play a role in your injury. Details go far in determining whether you have a case or not.

3) Every single claim is different and unique. 

Your claim will be different than someone else’s. It’s a simple fact. Although we’ve dealt with thousands of claims over the years, and many are similar in many ways, each claim is still different.

Your actions, the actions of the crew, other passengers, the cruise line itself and many other factors play into the understanding of “what happened” and whether you have a foundation for a viable claim.

These are some things our clients want to know. You may have similar questions if you were hurt on a cruise ship and are thinking about taking a legal action.

Considering filing a claim against a cruise line? This is how we can help:

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  • We understand all the details of your accident or injury
  • We offer legal advice and establish a plan of action
  • You decide to hire us to work on your behalf against the big cruise lines
  • We fight for compensation of your injuries

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