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Were you injured at sea? It is the job of the maritime lawyer to see that the injured crewmembers, cruise ship passengers or recreational boaters receive the proper amount of compensation for their maritime injury. Generally, our clients need the help of maritime law firm because they believe they have valid claim that involves negligence on the part of the shipowner or similar parties.

The attorneys at Waks & Barnett handle many cases involving personal injuries or wrongful deaths that are brought either by crewmembers or passengers. It’s important to note, the law applying to crewmembers is different from the maritime rules that apply, for example, to passengers on cruise ships or recreational boats. A maritime lawyer is primarily involved with a special set of laws and regulations dealing with people who may be injured on a ship or boat, as a result of either a work-related or recreational accident.

Typically, these claims fall under a federal law known as the Jones Act and when properly validated, can include compensation for:

  • severe injury, disfigurement or death
  • hospital and doctor visits, rehab and therapy and other medical expenses
  • lost employment or lost wages
  • lost or diminished future earnings
  • mental anguish, pain and suffering

Help for Injured Passengers and crew

Why Choose Waks and Barnett After Suffering a Maritime Injury?

We represent clients in claims against vessel owners and operators, cruise lines, shipping companies, and various other parties within the marine industry.

  • 70 years of combined experience in maritime law
  • Hundreds of successful cases represented
  • We are maritime industry, board certified attorneys

Importantly, our attorneys are here to help you understand if you have a claim, can file a lawsuit and sue. We do this by listening to your story and answering the questions you have. After spending some time with you, we can help you determine if your claim is valid and what legal approach should be taken moving forward.

Maritime Law Requires an Experienced Attorney

Maritime law is highly technical when it comes to where and when a maritime claim can be filed and the benefits which the victim of a maritime accident may be entitled to receive.

Although most maritime personal injury cases are settled, they must often first be litigated in court and, depending on the circumstances, the case may be brought either in a state or a federal court.

Decisions about where to file the claim, how a claim will be litigated, what witnesses to call, and whether a settlement offer is reasonable, are the role of a maritime lawyer.

In selecting a maritime lawyer, it is important to review the experience of the lawyer involved in handling the case, the ratings that he may have received, and whether or not the maritime lawyer is board certified.

At Waks and Barnett, our attorneys have received the highest possible rating (AV) by Martindale-Hubbell, the distinguished legal directory, and Andrew L. Waks of our firm is board certified by the Florida Bar in maritime law.

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