Why It’s Important To Seek Legal Help After a Cruise Injury, Even If You’re Still on the Cruise Ship!


It’s not uncommon – injuries happen on cruise ships all the time.

Waks and Barnett lawyers are here to help if you’ve been injured on a cruise ship.

Some of these are minor injuries, but quite often, passengers and crewmembers suffer major injuries.

These injuries can be painful, both physically and emotionally. They can also be life altering, requiring changes to daily habits or someone’s ability to work.

Imagine twisting a knee from a simple slip and fall accident. Or perhaps the medical staff did not take proper steps to treat an infection. Or maybe you were a victim of sexual abuse.

Why is it important to seek help immediately?

There are a number of reasons actually.

# 1 One reason injured passengers or crewmembers should seek help from an experienced personal injury cruise ship lawyer very soon after the accident is because the cruise lines often have strict time limits as to when a lawsuit can be filed against them. The statute of limitations is remarkably short. This helps the cruise lines minimize the number of claims made against them.

# 2 Not only is the time limit short on when you can file a claim, but most cruise lines require that they be notified of an impending lawsuit ahead of the lawsuit being filed. This requirement could be 6 months or less in many cases. That’s not much time for many injured parties to make an important decision or to have fully understood the extent of their injuries.

# 3 Also, the legal advice of an attorney could help tremendously even if you’re still aboard the vessel. An experienced and trained personal injury lawyer with cruise injury lawsuit experience can give you quick advice about how to collect evidence, what to say and what steps you should take while you’re still on the cruise. They recommend you take photos of the incident area, get names of passengers who witnessed the accident or names of the crewmembers who you interacted with.

# 4 It’s also extremely important to know that you have someone on your side. Injuries can be emotional and you may not be thinking about all the details with a clear head. An attorney can help tremendously in this case.

Do you have more Questions for a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer?

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