3 Ways a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You With a Cruise Ship Injury Claim


At our cruise injury law firm, we receive calls and emails from passengers (and crew members) who were victims in cruise ship accidents. 3 reasons to hire a cruise injury lawyer

Cruise Ship Injuries

Injuries range from relatively minor ones to extremely serious and life altering ones. Just within the last month we’ve had a passenger contact us because of physical assault that left them injured and scared.

We also had another passenger who fell down the stairs due to broken safety railings that had not been fixed. Her injuries were substantial.

And the common thread with all cruise ship injuries is that the victim is confused about what their rights are and what options they have for filing a lawsuit against the cruise line as they seek compensation for their injures.

So How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help You?

What we’ve found with our clients is that they have many, many questions about their specific case. They also want clarification on their legal rights and they especially want direction, a plan – what should they do?

# 1 – Evaluate Your Claim
The first thing an attorney is going to help you with is helping you understand whether your claim has value – whether you have cause for filing a lawsuit against the cruise line (i.e. can we prove that the cruise line was negligent in its actions and can we prove that you incurred a loss like medical bill or pain and suffering).

We are able to do this based on talking with you, asking you questions and understanding the details of your potential case. We’ll use our 25 years of experience and knowledge of the law as it pertains to cruise line lawsuits to help you better understand what you are able to do.

# 2) Outline the Process of Filing a Claim
Assuming your claim is legitimate (i.e. we think you have grounds for filing a claim and there exists a reasonable chance of a positive outcome) we explain your options for proceeding with claim and how the legal process works. And yes, filing a lawsuit against a cruise line involves a detailed process!

# 3 ) Represent You Against the Cruise Line
Once you make a decision to file suit against a cruise line for your injury, you will need a lawyer to help you and represent you. The cruise lines have their own attorneys and are well-equipped to minimize lawsuits against them. It takes a personal injury lawyer or law firm with years of experience dealing specifically with cruise injury lawsuits to give you the best chance of a positive outcome in your favor.

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