Which Florida Lawyers Handle Cruise Line Incidents

why hire a florida lawyer for cruise ship accidents?

“Which Florida lawyers handle cruise line incidents” is a common inquiry that leads people to our website.

And generally, questions like this are sparked by passengers and crew members who have suffered injuries on a cruise vacation. They’re doing an initial Google search to find answers to questions they have.

Questions like…

“Why should I hire a Florida lawyer?”

“Can’t my home town lawyer handle my injury claim?”

“Why is the cruise line — Carnival, Royal Caribbean, etc. — requiring me to file my lawsuit in a Federal Court in Miami, FL?”

“I don’t even live in Florida…why is this so frustrating?”

Cruise injury law is different

Most attorneys across the country don’t specialize in cruise ship injury law or maritime law. Your local personal injury attorney is mostly focused on car accidents and slip and fall accidents.

If you’ve been hurt while on a cruise, you’ll need a law firm with experience representing passengers against the cruise lines…your local, home town lawyer — as good as they may be at what they do — just doesn’t have the case experience to properly represent you.

And quite often, those attorneys will refer you to a firm like ours. The laws and regulations that apply to cruise ship incidents are specific and unique.

Our promise to you — we’ll listen to your story — and answer your questions

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— Waks & Barnett, P.A.