Questions About Anthem of the Seas Lawsuits Continue

anthem of the seas cruise ship lawsuit

Fear, anger, resentment and mistrust…

Possible (PTSD) post traumatic stress disorder…

Emotional injuries and flashbacks…

Class action lawsuits…

These are all concerns voiced to our attorneys from real passengers aboard Anthem of the Seas.

Questions continue from concerned passengers

Passengers who were aboard the storm ravaged Anthem of the Seas continue to contact our law firm — they want to know, “do I have legal recourse due to my experience?”

The decision of Royal Caribbean and its Captain to ‘outrun’ the storm has left many of the roughly 4,500 passengers wondering why the company and a seasoned cruise ship captain would take (what many believe) to be unnecessary risks — risks which put the lives of those 4,500 passengers and 1,500 crew in potentially life-threatening danger.

Questions about their legal rights are in addition to questions about compensation that was offered — including full refunds, taxes, gratuities, parking, hotels and other expenses.

Each inquiry is unique…

The reality is that each passenger’s experience on the cruise ship is unique.

Reports were that there were four passengers who were physically injured. The emotional distress, however, was more commonplace.

The circumstances many passengers experiences left them wanting answers and explanation.

Do you have questions about your experience?

If you have concerns about your legal rights regarding the Anthem of the Seas cruise, it’s best to speak with an cruise accident attorney. They will listen to your story and provide a course of action if one is deemed necessary.

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