What To Do If My Daughter Was Injured On A Carnival Cruise Ship

our lawyers help young cruise ship passengers, like teens and children, file injury claims against the cruise lines like Carnival Cruise

It’s unfortunate, but injuries caused from cruise ship accidents can affect any passenger — the elderly, parents, young adults and children.

One question we were asked recently was…

What do I do if my daughter was injured on a Carnival Cruise Ship?

For most passengers and family members, this is a question that is asked after the injury occurred and after the family has returned from their cruise vacation. And generally, it’s a question asked days, weeks or even months later after the injured person has received medical treatment.

Commonly, this is a question that’s asked after the injured person or family member realizes 3 things

1 – the injury was not their fault, and was likely the fault of the cruise line or its employees, and
2 – they’ve incurred emotional stress, medical bills and other financial hardships due to the injury
3 – trying to work with Carnival Cruise Line to get compensation for the injury is going nowhere…

The best thing to do? Contact a cruise line lawyer

The reality is that, if you or your family member were injured — and you believe the injury was due to the negligence of the cruise line — you should contact a lawyer.

The reason is that, as a cruise passenger, you do have legal rights.

An attorney is going to be able to tell you what those are — and why you might be eligible for compensation for injuries and costs incurred due to the injury.

— Yes. Many accidents do warrant filing an injury claim lawsuit.
— Yes. The cruise lines and their employees are often negligent in their actions…and these actions lead to injuries.
— Yes. Carnival Cruise Lines and other cruise lines are likely to treat your injury claim differently when an attorney is involved.

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