What the Royal Caribbean Near Drowning Accident Means for Cruise Ship Passengers

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Pools on cruise ships just not safe?

In an inauspicious start to 2015, a young child was found nearly drowned on the Oasis of the Seas, a Royal Caribbean cruise ship as it returned to Port Everglades, Florida on Saturday evening.

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This is another terrible story – one of many over the last year – that involved a child drowning or nearly drowning on a cruise ship. And while an investigation and the details of this incident have not been released, it raises many questions.

What this means for passengers?

Headlines like this one show just how uncertain a cruise vacation can be. Everything starts well, then an accident occurs. And with 20 million people traveling on cruise ship every year, accidents are bound to happen.

So what does this near-drowning accident mean for other passengers as we move further into 2015.

  • there will be more of a push for the cruise ship industry to add lifeguards at pools
  • congressional heat (which reached a high in 2014) will likely increase with a potential to force more industry regulations
  • there will be more focused attention on cruise ship safety issues within the news
  • potential increased liability for cruise line operators who don’t take action or ignore safety concerns of their passengers – especially younger travelers
  • potential decrease in passengers with children booking cruises

Questions for a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer?

As cruise ship injury lawyers, we follow the news reports that relate to cruise line accidents – drownings, slip and fall accidents, sexual assaults, crewmember injuries and much more.

Sadly, cruise ships are more dangerous and accidents happen more frequently than you would believe.

For 25 years, we’ve been representing injured passengers. We’ve heard just about any type of accident story you can imagine – YET – we still talk to clients every week who’ve been hurt in some new way.

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