# 1 Reason to Contact a Slip and Fall Cruise Injury Lawyer?

legal help for injured cruise ship passengers

A Secret The Cruise Lines Preferred You Didn’t Know

While most slip and fall accidents are simply just accidents and are not caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of the cruise line or crew, there are accidents where the cruise line is liable.

It’s unfortunate, but if you’re injured, you may face medical bills and lost time at work, not to mention the pain and frustration of having to deal with an injury – sometimes life altering – that wasn’t your fault.

The cruise line will require you to follow their rules about filing an injury claim – when you can file a claim, where it must be filed, etc.

They may act very slowly and very begrudgingly, if they even act at all! Catering to injured passengers who have gone home and already spent their money on a vacation is not a huge concern for the cruise lines.

Why do You Need a Lawyer?

Passengers choose Waks and Barnett, P.A. (or other cruise industry focused law firms) because they need representation from a lawyer. As hokey as it sounds, they need someone who will stand up for their rights and make the cruise lines responsible for their actions.

They need that lawyer to fight the cruise line so the cruise line will:

  • pay for their injury
  • their lost wages from missed time at work
  • for their pain and suffering
  • hospital, doctor and medical bills
  • costs of rehab and ongoing
  • the cost of medicine
  • the initial plane fare and vacation costs of their trip
  • many other costs

Don’t Wait, Contact a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer

A short call with our attorneys can help you better understand whether you have a valid injury claim, and if so, what the best plan of attack will be.

Our attorneys have heard – and represented – thousands of injured passengers who just needed help because the cruise lines were not working toward a resolution.

We fight for resolution. How can we help? Please call 800-905-2891.