What happens if I get sick on a cruise?

Passengers sometimes ask,  “what happens if I get sick on a cruise?”

and …

“Is the cruise line responsible if I get sick?”

Cruise lines can potentially be held liable for a passengers sickness. In most cases it would need to be proven that the cruise line was negligent in its food preparation, cooking or serving approach.

For example, passengers could be served spoiled food that makes them sick. Food poisoning is certainly no fun and it could exacerbate further medical issues, especially for older passengers.

A ruined cruise, medical bills and missed time at work could play a role in how an attorney views your case. All of the details involved will help an experienced cruise line injury attorney determine the merit (the potential success) of their case.

If a member of the crew knowingly served spoiled food and you got sick and suffered because of the sickness, you may have a case.

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