Will cruise line food make passengers sick?

As another cruise line fails to meet its vessel sanitation requirements, passengers are bound to ask, “is it safe to eat the food on my cruise?”

In a July 25 story, CNN reported that Silversea Cruises’ Silver Shadow cruise ship failed a surprise inspection by the Centers for Disease Control.

Per CNN…

 A surprise inspection by the Centers for Disease Control has resulted in a failing grade for one of the plushest cruise ships afloat.

According to a report by the CDC’s Vessel Sanitation Program, the cruise ship Silver Shadow was cited repeatedly for using an “organized effort” to remove 15 trolleys of food from the ship’s galley to individual crew cabins to “avoid inspection.”

The snap inspection of the Silver Shadow on June 17 in Skagway, Alaska, was conducted after an anonymous crew member sent still photographs to the CDC showing meat in crew cabin sinks and trays of food in the corridors in the hallways outside those cabins.

It resulted in a failing grade of 82 for the Silver Shadow. Any grade less than 84 is considered “less than satisfactory,” according to the VSP website.

Read the entire story here at CNN.

The questions remains for passengers:

  • Will they get sick from eating the food on their cruise vacation?
  • Can they trust the food preparation and storage policies of the cruise lines?
  • Is the cruise line responsible if passengers get sick from the food?

It’s important to note that millions of American cruise ship passengers and crew enjoy food that is properly prepared, cooked and served on hundred of cruises each year. It’s a relatively rare occurrence for a passenger to get sick from the food.

That being said, when spoiled food causes passengers to get sick, they may have merit for a legal claim against the cruise lines, especially if the sickness is long term and leads to further medical issues and if it’s determined that the cruise line was knowingly serving food that was spoiled or bad.

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