Tax Week ‘Taxing’ for Cruise Ship Companies


We all seem to feel the pinch during tax season. April 15 is a ‘gasp’ date for many and April 16 seems to be the day when the nation collectively exhales (or groans…).

And probably this weekend is when many CPA’s and Accountants head off on cruise vacations (or other vacations…).

A Taxing Week for the Cruise Lines?

It’s been a strange week with a barrage of news stories about Norovirus, Passenger’s Overboard and more intrigue regarding the “murder-suicide” of a Cleveland couple.

Here’s a quick recap of this past week’s events:

Norovirus on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Legend of the Seas?

Left out of Fort Lauderdale on a 15 day cruise.

More than 100 struck by a ‘gastrointestinal bug’ or Norovirus (not yet determined).

Norovirus confirmed as reason for the outbreak of symptoms per Outbreak News Today.

More Norovirus on Celebrity Cruise Lines Celebrity Infinity

Also left out of Fort Lauderdale.

Celebrity Cruises is owned by Royal Caribbean.

More than 100 people on the Celebrity Infinity have reported norovirus symptoms. The crew quickly went to work to sanatize the vessel and help passengers who were dealing with issues. Representative from the CDC have been called in to evaluate the boat.

“They kept giving us brochures about washing your hands,” one passenger said (read the full story at

How does this continue to happen?

#Norovirus is caused by contaminated food and water and can be quickly passed around among passengers on cruise ships where thousands of passengers and crew intermingle within relatively tight quarters. Norovirus symptoms can include vomiting and diarrhea and may exacerbate other medical conditions. It’s impact on younger passengers and elderly passengers can be quite high – and it’s certainly not enjoyable to deal with.

Norovirus is the most common ‘food-borne’ illness in the United States. The virus strikes up to 21 million people each year.


Cruise Critic tries to demystify the ‘myth’ of norovirus on cruise ships. takes a look at why cruise ships are hotbeds for Norovirus.

A Passenger Overboard on Horizon

Portions of the full article from The BVI Beacon are reprinted here. Read the article by clicking here. logo-01-415x104

“Dominic William O’Carroll, a 67-year-old Irish citizen, is still missing after a search by the United States Coast Guard was called off on Tuesday afternoon. Mr. O’Carroll was found to be missing after a passenger count aboard the Horizon Croisières de France early Monday morning, according to a Coast Guard press release. The count had been initiated after a crewmember spotted an object going overboard, the release states.

At the time of the report, the ship was about 16 nautical miles south of Vieques, Puerto Rico, on its way from the Dominican Republic to St. Maarten. During the search, Coast Guard rescue crews conducted 12 air and surface searches covering about 1,265 square nautical miles, an area approximately one third the size of Puerto Rico. Mr. O’Carroll was last sighted by security cameras in several locations aboard the cruise ship prior to the incident, according to the release.”

Read the report from the U.S. Coast Guard News here.

This is one of many passenger overboard stories of 2015 so far.

Murder-Suicide on Holland America Ryndam?

Various reports, like this one from 10News of Tampa Sarasota tell of a crazy story. “The FBI is investigating an apparent murder-suicide on the high seas aboard a cruise ship that set sail from Tampa. The Holland America Ryndam left Port Tampa Bay on Sunday morning and while at sea, crews discovered a couple from the Cleveland, Ohio, area dead in their bloodied room.

The ship returned to Tampa on April 12. Once docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico, FBI agents boarded and removed the bodies.”

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