Ask A Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer: How Can You Help Me?

What many cruise ship accidents want to know when they first call our office is….”how can you help me?”

Very simply, our lawyers help accident victims sue the cruise lines and get compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages.

our cruise injury lawyers help accident victims hurt on cruise ships

We file your injury claims for you

Filing an injury claim against a cruise line – whether Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and others – is not a simple process.

First and foremost, the cruise line’s legal departments have ‘stacked the deck’ against passengers who wish to file claims against the cruise line for injuries they suffered while on the boat (and often, for injuries that were caused by the negligence of the cruise line and its employees).

The cruise lines dictate (in the Ticket Contract that you signed when you first booked your cruise) where lawsuits must be filed, when they must be filed and when the cruise lines must be notified that you are even intending to file a lawsuit. That means there are specific timelines that must be met and a specific process that must be followed to successfully file a lawsuit and sue a cruise line.

That takes a lot of effort: Especially when you try to do it yourself

Because of this, many passengers (who are already dealing doctors visits and with the pain and frustration of their injuries) are further confused by the legal process. It’s not uncommon for injured passengers to file their lawsuits incorrectly (whether by doing it themselves or with an inexperienced attorney) and then miss out on potential compensation altogether.

They are left ‘holding the bag’ for medical expenses, missed time at work and in many cases a reduced quality of life because of their injury.

We focus on your case so you can focus on getting better

By working with our firm, Waks and Barnett, P.A. in Miami, we represent you against the cruise line.

We manage your lawsuit completely – that means we file your lawsuit for you, we manage the legal paperwork, we speak with insurance adjustors, other lawyers and anyone else involved in the case. We also investigate your injuries and the details of the accident.

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For more information regarding injury claims against the cruise lines, please contact the attorneys at Waks and Barnett, P.A. in Miami, Florida: 1-800-905-2891.