Hurt on Cruise Ship: Your Case Gets Our Full Attention

hurt on cruise and need a lawyer

When You Call Our Office, Your Case Gets Our Full Attention

After 25 years of practicing cruise ship injury law, we understand the pain, frustration and uncertainty a personal injury can inflict. We’ve worked with injured clients and their families –  their personal stories have become our stories. That is why we work so hard to protect the legal rights of everyone we work with.

We want you to know this:

When you email, visit or call our office, we devote real time to you. We want to know about your accident. We’ll have you explain everything, and then we’ll ask a lot of questions to make sure we’re on the same page with you.

As someone suffering from an injury, you and your family will have many questions.

  • Can I sue?
  • Is another person or company at fault?
  • Can I be compensated for my injury?
  • Can I get help with hospital and medical bills?
  • What do I do…(it’s perhaps the most common question we’re asked)

The list of questions is almost endless and we’re here to answer your questions. Our main concern is achieving the best possible result for our clients. We do this by devoting our full attention and resources to you and your specific case.

Waks and Barnett has been privileged to represent cruise ship passengers from Florida, other U.S. states and many other countries whose lives have been changed by cruise ship accidents, boating and ship accidents, car accidents and other forms of personal injury.

Our experience and familiarity with the litigation tactics of the cruise lines, insurance companies and other groups gives us a unique opportunity to achieve the best results for our clients.

Contact Our Firm

For more information regarding injury claims against the cruise lines, please contact the attorneys at Waks and Barnett, P.A. in Miami, Florida: 1-800-905-2891.