Rape on Holland America Cruise Ship? Passenger Accuses Crew Member

In a terrible story, a female passenger aboard the Holland America cruise ship, MS Nieuw Amsterdam, has accused a male crew member of rape and then trying to throw her overboard after the incident.

Read the full story here at the Miami Herald.

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Cruise Ship Injury, Hurt Passengers – More Common Than We Think

Though sensational, unfortunately reports like these are all too common and highlight the dangers present aboard all cruise ships. Injuries incurred from slip and falls to medical negligence to physical assault happen more frequently than we might imagine.

Fortunately, cruise ship injury attorneys (like our firm) can help injured passengers understand their legal rights and take action against the cruise lines for compensation of their injuries.

It’s remarkably important that injured passengers seek legal representation – the cruise lines will protect themselves and their “brand” hoping that passengers with problems will go away quietly or settle for a cruise voucher. The trade off between a ‘voucher’ or a free cruise in the future does little for passengers who are dealing with the pain of real injuries or medical bills or other frustrations.

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