Killer Wave Highlights Dangers of Storms for Cruise Ship Passengers


Passengers are hurt on cruise ships more often than we all may think. Some injuries are due to sheer accident while some were avoidable, occurring due to the negligence of the crew or cruise line.

Sometimes, “acts of God” play havoc with the cruise ships, tossing them around and creating dangerous situations like the recent accident that occurred last week in the English Channel. Read the full article here at

James Swinstead, 85, of Colchester, Essex, was killed when a huge wave crashed into British cruise ship Marco Polo during severe storms on Friday.

His widow Helen praised the crew but attacked the state of the ship.

Operator Cruise and Maritime Voyages (CMV) said the ship was fully compliant with “strict” maritime regulation.

But the widow of Mr. Swinstead has criticized the vessel as “badly maintained”.

Investigators are sure to determine if the crew could have taken more precautions to avoid the injuries to Mr. Swinstead and other passengers.

Acts of God – Or Something More?

What a story like this highlights is the danger that is present aboard all cruise ships, especially as they battle storms on the high seas. Passengers are at risk simply by being on board the cruise ship. And while injuries due to bad weather may not be avoidable, it is up to the cruise line to make passengers aware of impending danger and take necessary precautions to avoid, minimize or eliminate forseeable issues and potential passenger injuries.

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