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Questions About Cruise Ship Coronavirus Cases Answered by Florida Cruise Lawyers

More than 32 cruise ships around the world were impacted by the Coronavirus outbreak, including the Diamond Princess, Grand Princess and othere. If you or a family member have been affected by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak while on a cruise vacation, we’d like to hear your story. Call our lawyers today at 1-800–905-2891 or click here to contact us by email for your Free Case Review.

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Our Florida Cruise Ship Accident Lawyers Can Help

If you were hurt in a cruise ship accident and need help getting compensation for your injuries, you need a law firm with more than 35 years of proven success representing thousands of passengers who have been seriously injured, hurt or medically impaired while on a cruise vacation with Carnival, Royal Caribbean and all other cruise lines.

Additionally, our Florida cruise attorneys are available to answer questions from passengers who may have been infected by the Coronavirus (Covid-19) while traveling on a cruise vacation.

The experienced cruise ship accident lawyers at Waks and Barnett, P.A. in Miami, Florida can help you file an injury claim against the cruise lines to help you recover money for medical bills, lost time at work and the pain and suffering associated with your injuries.

We want to hear your story – please call us at 1-800-905-2891 or email us today.

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Meet Our Florida Cruise Ship Attorneys

Our lawyers have considerable professional experience in all areas of maritime injury, cruise ship accidents and personal injury law. We’re here to help you with the legal advice and representation you deserve.

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Help for Injured Cruise Ship Passengers

No matter how your accident occurred or where it happened, our attorneys will thoroughly review your potential case, investigate the facts surrounding your accident and create a plan of action for pursuing compensation for your injuries.

Hire a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer in Florida to Help You File an Injury Claim

We know that cruise ship accident victims face a great deal of uncertainty after they arrive home from their cruise vacations. Their life has been upended, they’re physically and emotionally battered and they’re unsure of what to do next. Fortunately – our attorneys do.

If you feel that the cruise line or its employees were responsible for your accident or personal injury – and that their negligence played a role in you getting hurt – you can file a personal injury claim against the cruise line.

However, working with a cruise line to file an injury claim can be a complicated and frustrating process, especially when you try to do it alone. The best results generally come when an injured passenger hires an experienced cruise injury lawyer to help with their case. If you’ve been hurt in a cruise ship accident – we want to hear your story.

We are available for consultation regarding personal injury claims against the cruise lines and will speak with you even if you are unsure about whether you have a valid claim or not. Many passengers don’t even realize they can sue a cruise line until the talk with a lawyer who actively litigated cruise injury cases.

We understand the pain and frustration our clients are going through. Our goal is to take that weight from you and provide you the trusted, legal representation you need – and the outcome you deserve!

Our promise to you – our Miami, Florida based cruise ship personal injury lawyers fight the cruise lines, their legal department and the insurance adjusters to help you and your family receive fair compensation for all of your injuries, your medical bills and your wages for lost time at work.

We will thoroughly review your potential case, investigate the facts surrounding your accident and create a plan of action for pursuing compensation for your injuries. Please contact us today for more information regarding your cruise ship injury case.

Over $100MM REcovered for Our Clients

Successful Case Results

Our lawyers are absolutely determined to get you the compensation you deserve for your injuries. Over the past 35 years, we’ve achieved numerous, positive settlements and verdicts for the benefit our clients against Carnival Cruise Line, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Disney and many other cruise lines.


Medical Negligence Claim – Norwegian Cruise Line


Head Injury – Stairway Accident on Cruise Ship to Teen Boy


Severe Injuries – Stair Railing Accident on Cruise Ship


Herniated Disk – Result of Serious Fall on a Cruise Ship

Common Cruise Ship Injuries and Accidents Successfully Managed by Our Florida Cruise Injury Law Firm

sue cruise line for slipping accident

Slip, Trip & Fall Injuries

Injuries related to slip and fall accidents are the most common and happen every day on cruises.

attorney to sue cruise line for medical negligence

Medical Negligence

Doctors and medical staff often make critical mistakes and can be held accountable.

attorney to sue cruise line for excursion accident

Excursion Accidents

The cruise lines can be found liable for injuries that happen while passengers are enjoying excursions.

cruise ship tender boat accident lawyers

Tender Boat Accidents

Leaving the cruise ship? Getting on and off unsteady shuttle boats can lead to severe injuries.

cruise ship rape lawyers

Sexual Assault & Rape

The cruise industry's dirty secret – sexual abuse on cruises is more common than people know.

crewmembers sue cruise line employers

Crewmember Accidents

We also represent cruise ship crewmembers who have been injured while working.

sue cruise line for wrongful death

Cruise Ship Wrongful Death Claims

Our attorneys will investigate if a cruise line was responsible for the death of a loved one.

Cruise Ship Wrecks and Collisions

Collisions between cruise ships or wrecks against docks can injure passengers.

Fires on Cruise Ships

Cruise ship fires can lead to terrible injuries for passengers and crewmembers.

attorney for defective equipment on cruise ship that caused an injury

Defective Equipment Injuries on Cruise Ships

Passengers are severely injured everyday by broken or malfunctioning equipment.

lawyer for gangway accidents on cruise ships

Gangway Accidents, Gangway Fall Claims

Accidents can occur on cruises ship gangways for a variety of reasons. Tell us what happened.

lawyer for passenger deaths overboard on cruise ship

Man Overboard, Passenger Disapperances

We help figure out what happens next when passengers go overboard or go missing,

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Hurt on your cruise vacation?

Get Immediate Help for All Cruise Ship Injuries

Injuries Caused by Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents

Very simply, slip and fall accidents occur when a passenger or crew member slips or is knocked off their feet resulting in a fall that injures them. Slipping, tripping and falling is the most common reason for passengers inquiries to our law firm.

With the average age of many cruise ship passengers being over 50 years old (and many cruisers in their 70’s and 80’s), even seemingly small accidents can cause severe injury and pain. Ripped carpet, wet floors, dark staircases are some of the common reasons for falls.

The cruise ship is obligated to keep areas free from hazards and alert passengers as well as employees about dangerous conditions. When crew members fail to perform their job duties correctly, the responsibility of the slip and fall injury may fall on the cruise line operating the ship.


Medical Negligence and Malpractice

We’ve represented many passengers who were victims of medical malpractice, misdiagnosis and negligence by the cruise ship’s doctors, nurses and medical staff. Often, the onboard doctors are private contractors and don’t have the full emergency care training or experience needed to provide adequate care.

Medical claims against the cruise line – or even directly against the doctor or medical staff – are often complex making it difficult to prove injuries and receive compensation for those injuries.

It’s why experience matters greatly in these types of cases. Our attorneys understand how the cruise lines operate and how to best move a potential case forward, from initial claim to eventual settlement.

Rape, Assault and Other Cruise Ship Sex Crimes

Sexual assaults and sexual abuse on cruise ships are more common than most people realize. These unfortunate incidents occur between passengers, between crew members and between crew and passengers. Sexual assaults can also be perpetrated on children.

Quite often, these cases are covered up by the cruise line, their crew and their attorneys. Claims are marginalized. Victims are ashamed, embarrassed, afraid and unsure of what actions to take.

We take sexual assault cases on cruise ship EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY. We believe these cases require tough litigation and a focused approach.

Through the years, our attorneys have represented numerous passengers who were victims of sexual assaults. The assaults are traumatic and the aftermath for the victim and their family can be equally traumatic, potentially causing lifelong mental anguish.

Accidents on Ship Sponsored Excursions and Tours

Cruise line sponsored shore activities offer ways to enjoy the islands or ports of call that you are visiting. You can swim with dolphins, go ziplining, hike, snorkel, dive and jet ski – the list of fun island events is almost limitless.

And while these excursions can be relaxing or adventurous, you’ll need to use caution. The licensing, insurance, safety regulations and protocols we expect in the U.S. are not the same in foreign countries. While some excursion activities are affiliated with and sponsored by the cruise line you’re sailing with, many excursion operators are independent, third-party businesses.

And while the cruise lines will promote them to their passengers, when an injury occurs, the cruise lines will attempt to deny claims very quickly. You need personal injury lawyers skilled at representing passengers hurt on these excursions and who can hold the cruise lines or the operators accountable.

Carnival Cruise Accidents

Over 12 million passengers travel on Carnival Cruise Line ships each year. And while most people sail without incident, thousands of passengers are seriously injured each year – the result of falls on wet decks, defective cabin doors, the ship doctor’s mistakes and many other reasons.

Our office receives calls and emails on a weekly basis from passengers who have been seriously hurt on their Carnival cruise vacation and need to speak with an experienced attorney about their legal options.

If you’ve suffered a personal injury while sailing with Carnival and believe that your injury was sustained due to the negligence of the crew, the cruise line or even a fellow passenger, you may have a potential claim.

Royal Caribbean Accidents

Royal Caribbean has a duty to provide reasonable care for their passengers during their cruise vacation. Were you kept safe?

If you believe you have a potential claim against Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines – or even if you’re unsure about your options or who may have been responsible for your injuries – you should speak with a lawyer focused on Royal Caribbean injury claims.

Many Royal Caribbean passengers contact our firm after sustaining painful injuries due to a fall on the FlowRider. This is a popular attraction that simulates surfing and bodyboarding. However, it can also be dangerous – accidents happen when the ride is not properly maintained, crew members who should be overseeing the attraction are distracted and when passengers fall.

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After An Injury, The Cruise Lines Are Not Your Friend

Don’t wait to call a Florida cruise ship attorney. Waiting means potentially losing out on financial compensation for your injuries and forfeiting your right to sue the cruise lines for their negligence – even if they were responsible.

Why is that? The cruise lines — in the passenger ticket contract that you signed before embarking on your cruise vacation — specified the time frames in which injured passengers and their lawyers can file a lawsuit.

If you’ve hurt on a cruise, the countdown clock starts ticking immediately. For most major cruise lines — Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean and others — notice of a claim must come within about 6 months of the injury’s occurrence and lawsuit filed within 1 year. Additionally, those claims and lawsuits will need to be filed within specified courts also outlined by the cruise lines – most often in Florida courts – which is why it is recommended that you hire a Florida cruise accident lawyer.

The cruise line companies and their attorneys know that cruise accident victims will spend more time getting the medical care they need – and less time investigating their legal options. Cruise lines rely on the uncertainty and confusion that comes after an accident and that many passengers will take a long time to contact an attorney and file an injury claim against them. 

The cruise lines are not friendly after an accident – both on the ship immediately after the incident – or weeks and months later. Their goal is to make filing an injury claim and proving thei cruise ship’s guilt as difficult as possible. For the cruise line owners, it’s all about maximizing profits. Paying money to injured passengers is something they will work hard to avoid.

So when passengers wait, it can make it very difficult or even impossible to make an injury claim. Over the years, we’ve seen too many injured passengers lose their ability to sue the cruise lines because they waited too long. Don’t make the same mistake. Don’t hesitate if you feel like you were injured because of the actions of the cruise line or it’s employees. Our lawyers will quickly be able to educate you on your rights and whether you have a viable claim.

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