Passenger on Carnival Triumph – What are my rights?


It’s been a difficult five days for passengers and crew members aboard the Carnival Triumph as a fire broke out in the engine room early Sunday leaving much of the ship’s electrical powers at less than full capacity.

AP Photo / U.S. Coast Guard- Lt. Cmdr. Paul McConnell

That loss of electricity and powers has affected systems on the boat including air conditioning, food preparation and plumbing and sanitary systems.

Conditions have not been what passengers envisioned when they signed up for the cruise with Carnival.

Read a current report from CNN about the Carnival Triumph and passenger ordeals.

The cruise ship is set to arrive in port in Mobile, Alabama today.

Passenger questions – potential claims

Though the engine fire did not cause any injuries to passengers, the harsh conditions passengers faced afterward are likely to give rise to certain questions. What began as a cruise vacation has ended in inconvenience for thousands.

Some of those questions that will potentially be asked are:

  • I was a passenger on the Carnival Triumph – what are my rights?
  • Can I file a claim against Carnival?
  • Can I get my money back for the cruise?
  • I lost time at work – what are my options?
  • Were their mechanical issues with the cruise ship that were known prior to sailing and could this incident been avoided?

Should I contact a cruise accident attorney?

Our attorneys specialize in answering questions passengers have about their rights, the cruise ship contracts they’ve signed and the process for determining the merit of a claim and / or filing a claim against the cruise line.

To find out if you have a claim against Carnival – click here.

The ability to file a claim against Carnival will depend on the specific situation you have endured. Inconvenience and difficult conditions are not likely to give merit to a claim. The contract you signed when booking your cruise will outline and determine what rights you have in regards to a claim.

New reports and statements from the company have shown that Carnival Cruise Lines has taken many proactive steps to ensure the safety of their passengers and crew and will be compensating passengers.

Read the latest updates from Carnival’s website here.

The circumstances affecting each passenger aboard the Carnival Triumph is different. If you seek answers regarding your experience and would like to speak with a cruise accident attorney, please contact us.

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