Carnival preparing for medical assistance when Carnival Triumph reaches port


In a CNN report, “Mobile Infirmary Health Services has offered to set up a triage unit at the port, in case any debarking passengers need medical assistance, Alabama Cruise Terminal General Manager Sheila Gurganus said Tuesday.”

This medical operation will be staged to deal with any potential injuries or after effects passengers may have experienced in the 4 days at sea since an engine room fire broke out on board the Carnival Triumph cruise ship on Sunday, Feb. 10 in the Gulf of Mexico.

3,143 passengers and 1,086 crew members were left adrift in the Gulf of Mexico as the engine fire left the ship without propulsion and severely impacted power for use in air conditioning, food preparation and bathroom plumbing.

The ship is scheduled to arrive in Mobile, Alabama on Thursday.

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Passengers deal with difficult circumstances

After an ordeal on a cruise ship that was supposed to be the pinnacle of vacation relaxation, it’s certain that passengers aboard the cruise ship will have many questions.

Incidents like this leave passengers, as well as crew members, feeling frustrated and confused. Living conditions aboard the ship have been termed as “horrible, awful and disgusting” because of the lack of power, food and lowered sanitary conditions.

Complaints were common

News reports tell of first hand accounts from passengers that were on board the Carnival Triumph. And while inconvenience is no cause for claims against the cruise line, passengers will want to know what their rights are – and why the days following the fire played out like they did.

Of note per the reports, Carnival has taken measures to reimburse its passengers and crew members have done their best to provide passengers relative comfort during the past 4 days at sea.

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