Not fun. Potential Outbreak of Norovirus on Princess Cruises?

Update (April 10, 2014): CNN reports at least 83 passengers and crew of the Princess Cruises Crown Princess have gastrointestinal issues, most likely due to a Norovirus breakout aboard the vessel. Read the full CNN report here.

Norovirus can cause gastrointestinal issues, including, stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting which can also worsen pre-existing conditions or severely impact the health of elderly passengers. Isolation of affected passengers and crew along with intense cleaning procedures should follow….

Can I Sue the Cruise Line if I got Norovirus?

If you were a passenger on a cruise ship that had a Norovirus outbreak – like the passengers aboard the Princess Cruises boat – and suffered from symptoms of the virus, you might have a potential claim against the cruise line. Might is the key word here.

Getting sick on a cruise is usually not a basis for a claim. But if the sickness was avoidable due to the negligence of the cruise line – and the virus exacerbated existing conditions (i.e. the negligence resulted in you getting sick or sicker) – then the potential for a claim might exist.

*Yes, each and every case is different and based on the specific details of the incident. There are a variety of factors involved in deciding whether you can file a claim against the cruise line for getting sick. It’s best to consult an attorney for more information. You can’t assume that a Norovirus outbreak was a result of actions of the cruise line. 

If you’re confused, it’s best to speak with an attorney or law firm that represents injured passengers against the cruise lines each and every day. They’ll be able to help you as you question which action plan to take.

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