What Hurt Cruise Passengers Want to Know from Injury Lawyers

We get a lot of inquiries from passengers who were hurt on their cruise vacations.

They call our law firm because they want to know things like:

  • I fell on a wet deck and broke my leg – can I sue?
  • I had food poisoning from spoiled food in the buffet line – can I sue?
  • A member of the crew physically assaulted me – can I sue?
  • The medical staff misdiagnosed me and things got bad – can I sue?

The list goes on and on. And yes, accidental and intentional injuries occur all of the time with passengers. As awful as it sounds, it’s not uncommon to hear about broken bones, injured children, medical emergencies or physical assaults.

Just because you’re on a cruise, it doesn’t mean bad things won’t happen (though fortunately, most passengers have good experiences on cruise ships).

What do I do?

But millions of people get on cruise ships every year and when something does go wrong on their vacation – an accident, injury or mishap – these hurt passengers want to know what they should do.

  • Do they have rights?
  • Do they have legal options?
  • Should they work with a lawyer to represent them?
  • Can they file claims, bring a lawsuit and sue?

Most people who call us will have dozens of questions. Our approach is to ask questions and better understand “what happened.” From there, we can help you evaluate your ability to file a claim against the cruise line and what legal approach should be taken.

Questions for a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer?

This short blog post won’t answer your specific questions – we’ll have to do that with a phone call. If you have questions about an injury on a cruise ship, please call us. Over the past 25 years, we’ve seen thousands of injuries suffered on cruise ships – and many are eligible for legal action!

Here Is What We Can Do For You:

  • We talk with you – it’s a FREE Consultation
  • We understand all the details of your accident or injury
  • We offer legal advice and establish a plan of action
  • You decide to hire us to work on your behalf against the big cruise lines
  • We fight for compensation of your injuries

How can we help you? Call us at 800-905-2891.

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