New York ferry Seastreak to resume service – questions remain unanswered

Seastreak, the New York passenger ferry that crashed into a dock last Monday January 9,

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

resumed service today.

At the time of the accident, the boat was loaded with 326 commuters and five crew members. 74 people were injured, including two who were left in critical condition.

Early reports show that mechanical failure was the reasoning for the crash. NYPD investigators were told be crew members that the navigation controls locked or froze into place as the ferry was headed toward the dock.

Unable to steer the ferry, the boat slammed into the pier, jolting passengers and causing harm.

Questions remain unanswered:

  • Was navigational malfunction the only reason for the crash?
  • Could the accident been avoided or minimized?
  • For injured ferry passengers, what course of action do they take related to medical bills or missed time at work?
  • Did the ferry service take the correct precautions before and after the accident?

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