Lawyers Will Advise Injured Passengers In New York Ferry Accident

Inevitably, personal injury attorneys and boating accident lawyers in New York (and perhaps around the rest of the country) will be answering questions from injured passengers and crew from Wednesday’s ferry accident in Manhattan.

Traumatic events like this accident can cause confusion and result in a break in normal daily activities. Once people have had a chance to ‘get back to normal’, questions will begin to arise.

Click here for common questions that injured ferry passengers might have in the following days and weeks.

It’s the responsibility of local attorneys to advise potential clients on what their rights are in the aftermath of an accident like this. These lawyers know the law, likely have experience with similar incidents and are accustomed to answering the myriad of questions that are likely to arise. **A good attorney will advise appropriately and accurately based on the circumstances individual to each person he speaks with.

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