More Details Emerge From Passenger Death on Royal Princess

As we shared on Nov. 14, a 52 year old female passenger fell to her death aboard the Royal Princess as the cruise ship was sailing from Fort Lauderdale to Aruba on a Southern Caribbean itinerary.

While the cause of her death is still unclear, more details have emerged, including reports that she was seen arguing with a man. Per the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel, “the woman who died had been seen struggling with a man and fell from a deck and onto a lifeboat.” This information came from the Aruba news website

The FBI is investigating and apparently an autopsy has already been made. Reports are the the husband of the woman was aboard the ship as well and is cooperating with the investigation.

Deaths on the high seas are more common that most passengers tend to believe. Accidents occur. Suicides happen. And other incidents that lead to death – fights, arguments and more – account for the ~20 reported deaths per year that occur on cruise ships worldwide.

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