Help For Family Members of Cruise Ship Accident Victims

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The following is an actual inquiry we received from a family member who was reaching out to our firm. They wanted to find out what they should do after their mother was involved in a fall aboard a cruise ship.

I’m contacting you on behalf of my mother who suffered a fall on a cruise liner. She was seen at the ship’s infirmary where she was given medication for initial pain. Just a little over one month after the incident, she continues to have some pains in her left arm and back area. She has since seen her primary care and has had a MRI revealing that symptoms were incurred from her fall. I would like to request a consultation at earliest convenience.

Inquiries like this are very common. Often, an elderly passenger who suffers an injury due to an accident while on a cruise is not able to communicate as they would like. Family members help them, arranging medical visits and care. They will also help their parents by contacting a personal injury attorney to see ‘what they should do,’ if they have a case and how to proceed if they do.

Generally, these family members (the spouses, sons and daughters of the injured passenger) are better equipped to have conversations, complete paperwork and interact with our attorneys and office staff. We work with many family members who look after their parents or who are part or full time caregivers. Additionally, we certainly communicate with parents whose child may have been injured on a cruise as well.

The majority of cruise line accident injuries we see happen to passengers who are 50+. And many of them can be in their late seventies, eighties and above. If they’re injured, their ability to communicate clearly after an accident is diminished.

Our firm tries to make the entire process as easy as possible for our clients. We want our clients to know that we are there for them and we will get them through this event in their life. We will do everything we can to get help them get through it as easily as possible.

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