Is your cruise injury law firm successful in suing Carnival Cruise Lines?

Is your cruise injury law firm successful in suing Carnival Cruise Lines?

In the wake of the recent incidents with Carnival Cruise Line, we’ve been asked by many clients if we’ve been successful suing Carnival Cruise Line.

The simple answer is – “yes we have.” 

However, the fact is that every case is different. While we’ve had success representing injured passengers in their claims against Carnival, each case is unique unto itself.

We’ve handled a variety of cruise injury cases against Carnival – and many, many other cruise lines.

The success we’ve had stems from our experience and our commitment to our clients. With each new client, we bring a renewed commitment to the best possible representation we can for our client. And yes, that often leads to success in arbitration or in the court room.

Our settlement and verdicts page on our website will give you more information.

Again however, it is important to not that each individual case must be looked at on its own merit. Success even on a similar case with similar circumstances might not be a good indicator of how your potential case might fare.

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