Are cruise lines liable for your injuries?


Are cruise lines liable for your injuries?

Cruise lines – the companies that operate the cruise ships and employ the crew of the vessel – can be liable for an injury or illness if it can be proven that their negligence played a role in your injury.

If a deck was freshly washed and no sign was posted to warn passengers of a slippery and potentially dangerous floor, then a possible claim might be had.

If food preparation did not meet standards and passengers became seriously sick from Norovirus and had extenuating medical complications, then a possible claim might be had.

If crew members or other passengers sexual harassed or violated you or someone in your family, you may have grounds for a lawsuit

There are literally hundreds of scenarios where a cruise line might be liable because of their negligence of care. If passengers suffer, the first place a passenger and their cruise ship injury lawyer will turn is to the cruise line.

If a case has merit, an experienced cruise attorney will follow procedures to file a claim. It will then work to prove that the cruise line was ‘at fault’ and liable for compensation to the injured passenger.

If you have questions about your rights or ability to file a suit against a cruise line for a personal injury, you should speak with a cruise lawyer.  We can help you understand the direction you need to take with the legal process of filing a claim.

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