Injured Cruise Ship Passengers Benefit From Updates Attorney Website

At Waks and Barnett, P.A. (aka The Cruise Lawyers) we keep our website up to date and current with the latest information regarding how to get legal help for cruise ship accidents and injuries.

Because information changes periodically, we update our website with a focus on:
Common Cruise Ship Injuries

The website also gives information on what do if you’ve been involved in:

  • A slip and fall accident
  • Sexual assault
  • Victim of medical negligence or malpractice
  • Tender accident
  • Shore excursion accident

How Can Personal Injury Attorneys Help With Your Injury?

Our attorneys have been helping injured and confused cruise ship Passengers and Crew Members for more than 2 decades.

If you believe negligence played a roll in your injury (whether on the cruise or on an excursion), please contact our office. We’ve seen hundreds, if not thousands of injuries suffered on cruise ships – and many are eligible for legal action!

Advice from Cruise Ship Lawyers