Attorney Representation for Carnival Cruise Triumph Passengers

New reports from CNN release yesterday, Dec. 17 show that Carnival Cruise Line was triumph lawsuitaware of potential fire hazards from the diesel generator on the Carnival Triumph.

A fire did break out on the Carnival Triumph knocking out power for the ship and leaving over 4,000 passengers and crewmembers adrift for four days without air conditioning and largely without lights, water, food and working toilets.

Knows as the “Poop Cruise”, Carnival Cruise Line has been dealing with questions about what they knew about potential hazards on the Triumph and when they knew it.

From the CNN Report (read the full report here).

CNN has learned that the crew of the Triumph set sail in February with only four of six generators fully operational, knowing that the company had an ongoing generator fire hazard in ships across its fleet, including Triumph.

The first trouble with Triumph was in diesel generator No. 6 — the one that wound up catching fire. Starting more than a year before the infamous cruise, that generator was overdue for maintenance, often not in compliance with the safety laws of the sea, known as SOLAS, according to the ship’s engineer.

Read the document about the generator (PDF)

Over and over again, Carnival’s own maintenance reports stated the same thing: Diesel generator No. 6 was overdue for maintenance. The company says the fire that originated with the generator was not connected to the lack of maintenance. But, during that same time period, Carnival learned about another, even more alarming safety problem in the engine room: fuel lines.

Passengers and Crewmembers aboard the Carnival Triumph may have questions regarding their rights, especially as it relates to their personal safety and any compensation they may be eligible for per the law.

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