How will I be compensated for my injuries after a successful cruise ship claim?


Cruise Ship Injury FAQ

Many of our clients ask, “how will I be compensated for my injuries after a successful cruise ship claim?

Well, each case is different, but generally there are 2 types of payouts for settlement.

  • A lump-sum injury award payment
  • A structured settlement

In a lump-sum settlement, an injury victim would receive all compensation in one amount, at one time.

With a structured settlement, payments would be made over a defined time range.

Smaller settlements tend to be lump-sum payment and larger settlement tend to be paid out over time (though this is not always the case).

It’s important to note that an attorney will advise you on which payout to accept based on your individual needs. Their experience dealing with such cases and settlements is invaluable.

**note, the above information is based on general information. For more detailed information regarding cruise ship injury settlements, awards and compensations please speak with an experienced cruise ship injury attorney or maritime attorney.

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