Trial starts for Costa Concordia captain facing criminal charges

According to CNN, the court trial to decide the fate of Francesco Schettino has begun amid intense media scrutiny as well as under the watchful eye of the family members of those killed or injured during the cruise ship accident.

Per the article… “The ship captain accused of causing the deaths of 32 people in last year’s Costa Concordia cruise disaster asked for a plea bargain Wednesday as his trial got under way in Italy.

Francesco Schettino faces three criminal charges: involuntary manslaughter for the deaths; causing a maritime disaster; and causing personal injury to 150 people who were badly hurt in the accident.

The trial, being held in Grosseto, begins a year and a half after the luxury cruise liner ran aground off the west coast of Italy.”

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While not a trial taking place here in the U.S., the tragic story is being followed closely by those associated with the Cruise Line Industry.

For images of the cruise ship accident, please visit The Atlantic magazine.