Injured On A Cruise Excursion?

shore excursion injury

Not all cruise ship accidents happen on the actual cruise ship.

In fact, many injuries happen after passengers leave the cruise ship.

Sailing to the Caribbean or to Mexico or elsewhere is often only one part of the cruise vacation. Passengers may pre-book shore excursion activities through the cruise line website or a travel agent so they’re ‘ready to go’ once the ship hits port.

From the ship, passengers are generally ferried to the dock or walk down gangways. And while they’re off of the cruise ship…well…the potential for accidents still exists.

Do you need a tour and excursion cruise ship injury lawyer?

Cruise Excursions Can be Dangerous

Our firm — and really any other law firm focused on cruise ship injury law — will tell you that they receive calls and emails from passengers who were hurt while engaging in some sort of excursion. Jet skiing, diving, boating, parasailing, hiking and more. But it doesn’t have to be a strenuous activity that’s the cause of the injury.

Here’s a news story about a Mexican bus accident that may end up in multiple lawsuits from hurt Royal Caribbean passengers — or families of the 12 passengers who died in the accident.

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Here’s a news story about a bus accident that ended up in a lawsuit from hurt Royal Caribbean passengers.

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Passengers can cut their feet on broken glass in the sand while walking along a beachfront resort. They can be involved in a transport bus accident. They might sustain a fall while walking around a historic monument or slip on spilled tea in a local island restaurant.

Here’s another story of a Celebrity Cruises passenger who died while parasailing.

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Let a Cruise Lawyer Figure Out the Details

Determining liability for these accidents and determining which party might be at fault may be difficult (even for attorneys), but that shouldn’t stop you from contacting a cruise law firm if you believe the accident was not your fault.

Sometimes the cruise lines share liability for an injury, even if the accident occurs off of the ship.

Consultations are free and it’s likely worth your time to determine if you may have a case.

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