Don’t Let Hurricanes Irma or Harvey Keep You From Filing A Cruise Ship Injury Claim

cruise ship accident claim hurricane

We realize that the recent hurricanes Irma and Harvey have devastated residents in Florida, Texas and beyond. Our offices in Miami were also impacted.

The hurricanes collectively have impacted more than 30 million people…some dramatically. And that impact has put part of people’s lives ‘on hold’ while they figure out how to deal with cleanup and restoration of their properties.

However, for anyone who was considering filing an injury claim against a cruise line for an accident that left them injured — we ask that they don’t wait, don’t push off a decision.

We say this because the statute of limitation for filing a claim or lawsuit against a cruise line is often much shorter than other personal injuries. In fact, many cruise line require those claims to be filed with 6 months to a year. Notice Requirements — which notify the cruise lines of your intent to file a claim — must be made even earlier.

Injured Prior to the Hurricanes? Don’t Wait to File a Claim

If you had been considering a claim before the hurricane, but have put it off to deal with other issues, you may want to rethink that.

A quick call to a cruise ship injury law firm like ours can help you determine if you should move forward — or not. If it’s determined that you have sufficient grounds for filing a claim, then an attorney will walk you through the next steps and advise you of the timelines that will need to be met.

Waiting too long could mean you’re not able to file a claim. And by not filing a claim, you may be ineligible to have to the cruise line — like Carnival or Royal Caribbean — compensate you for your injuries. If you have doctors bills, hospital or rehabilitation bills mounting or if injuries have kept you from working — getting legal help is tremendously important.

For more information, please call our firm today.

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