Disabled Cruise Passengers Seek Legal Help

disabled in cruise accident

Passengers who have become seriously disabled — or permanently disabled — because of an injury caused by a cruise ship accident will often seek out the advice of our law firm.

And we’re glad they do.

With over 20 million passengers cruising each year — not to mention the tens of thousands of crew members working on the ships — the opportunity for injuries to occur is relatively common.

And when they occur, we’ve found that passengers are always in need of good, solid advice about their rights. In fact, we get calls and emails every day from passengers who traveled on Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian and other lines.

Where to Turn for Help?

Many of those messages include the phrases “what are my rights?” and “do I have a case?” — passengers just want to know if there is help for them.

No one expects and injury while cruising. The focus in on having fun, spending time with family and experiencing the thrill of a vacation. But when an accident occurs, everything changes.

People who are hurt should seek the medical help they need, whether immediately on the ship or when they first arrive home after the cruise. From there, passengers who have experienced serious injuries will continue to receive medical care, rehabilitation and other challenges.

Unexpected Challenges

Challenge # 1 is facing the disability and all that entails.

Following that challenge are questions about can include, “how will I pay the doctors bills?” and “if I can’t go back to work, what will I do?” — and many others.

A temporary disability is bad enough, but what about a permanent disability. That changes the questions. Now there are questions like, “will I every walk normally again?” or “will I need a complex rehab chair?” or “will the pain ever go away?” or “how will I support my family?” — terrible questions to have to face without clear direction.

Answers to those questions become clearer with the help of cruise injury lawyers. We can walk through the liability of the cruise lines, your legal rights and ‘next steps’ you’ll want to consider.

For more information, please call our firm today.

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