Has a Cruise Ship Injury Kept You From Working?

can't work because of cruise ship accident

The cruise started out just fine. Pretty days on deck and fun night with lots of activities.

But then an accident occurred. Maybe you slipped on a wet floor in a dining room and busted your ankle. Or perhaps took a tumble down some stairs because the carpet was ripped and broke your thigh bone in two places.

Regardless of how the injury happened — it happened — and now you’re sitting at home after your cruise suffering through the pain of an injury and wondering who is responsible for the medical bills you’re beginning to rack up.

And what’s worse, you may be unable to work. Hurt passengers may lose time at work, keep their businesses running and lose the ability to generate income for themselves and their families.

Hurt and Can’t Work?

It may sound like an Aflac commercial, but the reality is that physical injuries — to your hands, arms, legs and feet — can easily keep you out of work for long periods of time. More severe injuries may even impact your longterm health and prevent you from ever working again.

If you’re self-employed, don’t have disability insurance or don’t have an understanding boss — you may be facing periods of time where you’re just not earning money.

Will Filing an Injury Claim Help?

Loss of earnings — or the loss of ability to earn money can be devastating. You’re already dealing with the pain and frustration of the injury itself, but the thought of not being able to work or care for your family can intensify the feelings of frustration.

Will it help to sue the cruise line if they were at fault?

The simple answer is ‘yes’ — but there is a lot that goes into determining whether a passenger can successfully be compensated for their injuries.

Certainly, there must be an actual physical injury and additionally, the injury must be related to something the cruise line or its employees did (or did not) do. For example, if broken glass around a hot tub wasn’t cleaned up for hours and that led to severe feet lacerations, then there could be grounds for a claim. If an improperly maintained stairwell leads to a fall, there could be an ability to sue.

An experienced cruise ship injury lawyers can give you a full understanding of what your rights are as a passenger and instruct you as to what liability the cruise line has for your injuries. Compensation for your injuries could take into account everything related to the accident — medical bills, rehabilitation, loss of work, pain and suffering and more.

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