Back Injury Aboard Cruise Ship Tender

Recenty, we had an injured cruise ship passenger tell us about an injury that occurred while they were on the cruise ship tender.

Tenders are the small boats that shuttle passengers from the cruise ship to docks. They can be dangerous as the small boats are unstable for passengers getting on to and getting off of the vessel while waves are rocking the boat.

Here is part of the inquiry we received:

I fell down during tender operation in Greece and which caused problems in my upper neck — back side of neck and middle back.

Tender injuries more common than you think

Tender injuries are common and we’re contacted by passengers frequently. They want to know if the can be compensated for their injuries if the cruise line was to blame for the injury.

This can happen if the boats were operated in conditions that were not safe, if rules and regulations regarding passenger safety were not follow or for a variety of other reasons.

We’ve heard from passengers who have received concussions, broken bones or gone overboard during tender accidents.

If the cruise line or its employees were responsible for the passengers injuries, then yes, the potential for a successful injury claim and financial recovery exist.

If you’ve been injured on a cruise ship tender boat and seek answers from a cruise ship accident lawyer, please call our firm today.

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