Don’t Let Unseasonably Cold Weather Keep You from Filing a Claim Against a Cruise Line if you were Injured on a Cruise

Cold weather has gripped much of the U.S. over that last month or so.

Even here in Miami it’s been quite chilly!

don't let cold weather keep you from filing a lawsuit against a cruise line

For those of you who scheduled a cruise vacation within the last few months and unfortunately suffered an injury because of a cruise ship accident (like a slip and fall, broken bone, back injury, medical issue or other ailment), you may want to consider following up with the cruise line or a personal injury cruise ship lawyer.

The statute of limitations has passed?
I can’t file a lawsuit?

Many of the major cruise lines require you to file a lawsuit within 1 year. Many of the cruise lines also require you to give them notice that you will be filing a claim. This is called a ‘notice requirement’ and can be done by your or your attorney.

This has to be done in advance and is generally required within 6 months of the incident (though some cruise lines have tighter deadlines).

Because cruise ship accident lawsuits may have much shorter deadlines and possible notice requirements as well as other hidden hurdles, it is IMPORTANT to find professional and experienced legal help as soon as possible after a cruise injury – don’t get bogged down by this stretch of cold weather. If you believe the cruise line was at fault, you need to act quickly for your benefit.

Why do the Cruise Lines have these deadlines?

Very simply, they require that lawsuits are filed against them in the hopes that they can minimize the amount of claims they face. The less claims made against them, the less they’ll have to pay.

Do you have more Questions for a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer?

Waks and Barnett personal injury attorneys have successfully represented passengers (and crew) who have been seriously injured, hurt or medically impaired while on a cruise vacation. Our 25+ years of fighting against the cruise lines could benefit you as you bring legal action. Please call for more information. 1-800-905-2891.