Cruise ship loses boy – lost children on cruises more common than thought


As reported at, Norwegian Cruise lines “lost” and autistic boy for a period of time during a November 2012 cruise.

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Lost children are relatively commonplace on cruise ship vacations. Fortunately, lost children are generally just “out of sight” for short periods – in busy pools, in crowded lobbies and restaurants loaded with other passengers. The fact is, most parents have sent their child to the ice cream bar while relaxing at the pool because of the perceived safety of cruise ships.

And for the most part, children are safe. However, the younger they are, the more likely they are to become disoriented if alone too long. And unfortunately, cruise ships can be home to child predators – both other passengers and crew members – who might take advantage of a situation.

Child abduction claims, child molestation and child rape claims are fairly common and are an issue most cruise lines would prefer not to discuss.

The cases are often complex and can certainly be frustrating for the injured party. Attorneys who are accustomed to fighting for the rights of injured passengers – or the rights of injured children and their families on cruise ships – can provide reassuring confidence when it comes time to file a claim or deal with the representatives of the offending cruise line.

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