Cruise ship safety drill results in 5 crew member deaths

In an unfortunate report from the Canary Islands, 5 cruise ship crewmembers have died – their death apparently endured during a safety drill.

A report from CNN, regarding the Sunday accident tells of a safety drill that ended up with terrible results – the death of 5 crew members from Louis Cruises – apparently killed when a lifeboat fell into the water.

Reports say three other workers were injured, though not seriously,

“The cruise line stated that the incident happened on Sunday aboard the Thomson Majesty while it was docked in La Palma, among the smallest of Spain’s Canary Islands.

Local media, citing the Civil Guard, reported that the accident happened when a lifeboat, carrying the victims, fell from the cruise ship during the safety drill. The cruise line didn’t immediately confirm those details, saying in a statement, “We are working closely with the ship owners and managers, Louis Cruises, to determine exactly what has happened and provide assistance to those affected by the incident. We are also working closely with all relevant authorities and will be co-operating fully with their investigations.”

Some aspects of crew member jobs can be hazardous as illustrated in this story about the Thomson Majesty. Crew and ship staff are covered under maritime law, specifically laws related to seamen injuries and wrongful death covered under the Jones Act. Family of crew members killed while working also have legal rights.

Though it is early, it is likely that legal action will follow this story in the following days and months as family members search for answers.

crew members die on cruise ship