Cruise ship loses boy, finds boy – parents relieved but questions remain


In a recent new report from, Norwegian Cruise lines apparently “lost” a child for a period of time.

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The father of an 11-year-old autistic boy is seeking an explanation fromNorwegian Cruise Line after Kid’s Club crew failed to notice the boy had disappeared from the club on the last evening of Norwegian Epic‘s Thanksgiving cruise.

The incident occurred November 23, 2012 after Richard Zelden and his wife dropped off their three children at the ship’s Recess Kid’s Club before going to dinner. When they returned to their cabin two hours later, they discovered their oldest son, an 11-year-old autistic boy, in a cabin two doors down where the cabin steward watched over him.

“We were taken aback as we knew he had been signed into the Kid’s Club and did not have signing privileges to exit alone,” Zelden told Cruise Critic.

The steward further explained he had been cleaning their cabin when the boy entered the room alone. Not sure what to do, he called his supervisor to report the child’s arrival. He was told to take care of the boy until his parents returned.

Zelden went to the Kids’ Club to find out what had happened.

“They were dumb-founded. They didn’t even know he was missing,” he said.

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