Cruise Ship Injury Claims: Not Easy to do Without Help

learn how you can sue a cruise line with help from our attorneys

Were you injured on a cruise ship? If you were, dealing with the pain, frustration and hassle of it all is bad enough. But if you want to file a claim against the cruise line in order to seek compensation for your injuries…well…that can be difficult too.

Filing injury claims is not a simple process, especially when passengers try to take it upon themselves to do all of the work. We know, we’ve been helping hurt passengers do it for 25 years.

It’s not unusual for passengers to:

  • File incorrectly
  • Not file in time
  • File in the wrong location
  • Not receive the full amount they could have for their injuries

That’s where lawyers can really help. Frankly, the cruise lines (and their attorneys) have made it increasingly difficult to…

1) file a personal injury lawsuit correctly and

2) allow for passengers to get the full amount of compensation for their injuries (money to cover medical bills, doctor visits, rehab, lost time at work and even for pain and suffering).

No one really thinks about these things until they’re hurt on a cruise. And with over 20 million cruise vacationers each year, cruise ship accidents happen more often than most people would believe. If you’re hurt, you need help. Trying to go it alone against a billion dollar company is just not advisable. What is advisable is to speak with lawyers who specialize in representing hurt passengers.

Most firms will offer free consultations with the attorneys where you can tell them your story. They’ll ask you questions and help you better understand what steps you should take with a lawsuit. If hired, the firm will manage the entire process for you, representing you against the cruise line throughout the legal process. And, most often there are no upfront costs to you as most firms only are paid if they are able to help you successfully reach a settlement or verdict.

To maximize your ability to sue successfully, you do need help.

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