Star Princess Cruise Ship News: Dozens Quarantined With Norovirus Outbreak

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News reports like this one, say Princess Cruises, The Star Princess, is dealing with a new Nororvirus Outbreak.
According to the report:

  • Dozens of cruise ship passengers have been quarantined on Maui after a norovirus outbreak.
  • The Star Princess is currently docked at Lahaina
  • About 30 people are quarantined in their rooms
  • Passengers are being checked at least twice a day

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was notified. Princess Cruises staff is supposedly thoroughly cleaning common areas.

The Star Princess was carrying ~4,000 passengers and crew members on board.

Another Princess Cruise Ship, the Coral Princess, incurred a Norovirus outbreak in April 2015. That recent outbreak affected more than 100 passengers and crew.

Princess Cruises

Princess is based out of California. Claims made against the cruise line for injury, illness or death must be filed in Los Angeles, California and meet the requirements agreed to in the Ticket Contract you signed when booking your cruise. It’s important to know that cruise ship injury lawyers are best suited to helping you and your family file lawsuits against Princess or other cruise lines. As you can see with the information below from Princess Cruises, the wording surrounding the filing of claims can be quite confusing for someone not accustomed to working against the cruise lines.

For a full review of the Princess Contract, click here.


The following provisions are for the benefit of the Carrier and any agents, independent contractors, concessionaires and/or suppliers of Carrier:

  • (A) Notice of Claims and Time Limits for Legal Action:
    • (i) Claims for Injury, Illness or Death: In cases involving claims for Emotional Harm, bodily injury, illness to or death of any Passenger, no lawsuit may be brought against Carrier unless (1) written notice giving full particulars of the claim is delivered to Carrier within 6 months from the date of the Emotional harm, bodily injury, illness or death, (2) a lawsuit on such a claim is filed within 1 year from the date of the injury, illness or death, and (3) valid service of the lawsuit is made within 90 days of filing the complaint.
    • (ii) All Other Claims: No claim of any kind, including without limitation alleged violations of civil rights, discrimination, consumer or privacy laws, or other statutory, constitutional or legal rights, or for any losses, damages or expenses relating to or in any way arising out of or connected with this Passage Contract or Passenger’s cruise, other than for emotional or bodily injury, illness or death of any Passenger, shall be brought against Carrier unless (1) written notice giving full particulars of the claim is delivered to the Carrier within 15 days of the actual or scheduled termination date of the Cruise, whichever occurs first as specified in connection with this Contract, (2) legal action on such claim is commenced within 6 months from such scheduled termination date, and (3) valid notice or service of any such action is effected upon Carrier within 90 days after commencement of the action.

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