Cruise ship accident attorneys answer questions about Carnival Triumph engine fire

Our cruise ship injury and accident attorneys will be available to answer questions about the Carnival Triumph engine fire.

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Engine fire affects cruise ship passengers

Carnival Cruise Lines Carnival Triumph lost engine power today when its engine caught on fire. Fortunately, there have been no reports of passenger or crew member injuries.

With the crippled engine, the boat is waiting to be towed back to port. In the meantime, passengers and crew aboard the boat have enough food and water supplies as well as energy and power provided by back up generators.

Carnival is also already supplying vouchers and refunds to its passengers.

Passengers will have questions – seek answers

With every cruise ship incident, especially those where passengers are injured or inconvenienced, certain questions will arise. Some passengers will naturally seek out the counsel of attorneys to determine if they have a potential claim against the cruise line.

Waks and Barnett is accustomed to helping passengers answer questions about their possible claims. We listen to your story, help determine if you have a claim and can represent you against the cruise lines if needed.

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