Carnival cruise vacation turns inconvenient for passengers

Early reports from passengers – both in news reports and comment sections of news reports on various websites – show an unenjoyable ending to a Carnival cruise vacation.

The Carnival Triumph experienced an engine fire this morning while in the Gulf of Mexico. The cruise ship’s automatic fire extinguishing system put out the fire. However, the loss of the engine has left the ship with no propulsion and the ship is awaiting a tow back to port.

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Limited food, power and bathroom access

In a report

Family members waiting for relatives to arrive home Monday were informed by Carnival about the situation. Some, like Melinda Ramos, said her father was laughing when he briefly called to update her on the situation.

“He might be completely joking, but he said they’re sleeping in tents outside,” the 19-year-old daughter of Mary and Matt Ramos told The Houston Chronicle.

But Brent Nutt, of Angleton, Texas, said his wife Bethany was crying when they spoke.

“They have no running water. They have no way to use the bathroom,” Nutt told KTRK-TV in Houston.

Water and electricity is being provided from generators on the boat. Reports indicate though that the level of inconvenience is high prompting questions about proper procedure taken by the crew of the vessel.

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