Cruise Lines Fighting Hard to Not Pay Injury Claims

cruise injury frustration

Cruise ship passengers who were injured in accidents while cruising in January, February and March 2020 may face stronger opposition by the cruise lines as they attempt to file injury claims and seek compensation.

Why is that?

The cruise lines, under immense financial pressure, will be hard pressed to pay out on injury claims and will do their best to avoid them.

One of the dark and dirty secrets of the cruise industry is the number of passengers who are severely injured each year through slip and fall accidents, medical negligence, excursion accidents and much more.

The cruise lines – Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Disney and others – face thousands of lawsuits each year as victimized passengers seek compensation for their injuries – medical expenses, costs of recovery and lost wages. The cruise lines already make filing an injury claim and gaining compensation dollars extremely difficult. With cruise lines trying to protect every penny, their defense lawyers and injury claim managers will work to ensure dollars are not going out to ‘frivolous’ lawsuits.

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If you’re an injured passenger, the deck is literally stacked against you.

If you were considering filing an injury claim for an injury that you suffered, you will certainly need the help and resources an experience cruise ship injury law firm can provide.

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