Crew Member Assaults on Passengers

Cruises are wonderful trips enjoyed by thousands of people each year. Despite their great offerings, it is important to remember that dangers exist on cruises. Taking the proper precautions will help passengers enjoy their cruises and avoid potential problems. One unfortunate problem to be aware of is the possibility of crew member assaults on passengers.

While the majority of cruise line passengers enjoy trouble-free experiences, a small number are assaulted by crew members each year. It is tempting to let one’s guard down completely on a cruise because the illusion of safety is created by the fact the cruise ship is a closed environment most of the time. In other words, new people are not entering and exiting the cruise ship all of the time. Passengers tend to trust their fellow passengers and crew members. Being suspicious of everyone is not healthy, but a healthy dose of vigilance is called for.

Guidelines for self-protection are similar to those one might adhere to when going out for a night on the town. Passengers should always enlist a buddy. On the buddy system, friends can make sure their friends are safe. Crew members who serve drinks have been known to slip drugs into them. If a passenger has a friend who is looking out for him or her, then that passenger will become a more difficult target for any criminal. Passengers should also make sure that they do not travel alone through desolate areas of the ship. They should also always lock the doors to their rooms, both when they are inside and when they leave.

Any passenger who has been assaulted should report the assault immediately. Cruise lines are automatically liable when crew members assault passengers. Even so, reporting an assault after the cruise has ended can make it very difficult for a prosecution to move forward. A guilty crew member might take the opportunity to leave the country as soon as the cruise is over. Reporting a crime as soon as possible will ensure the crew member cannot get away easily. It will also make physical evidence collection more feasible.

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